Karate, Shiba and Peace Maker

Hey guys,
This week we’ve got some Karate, Shibatora and Peace Maker for you all. A good week if I do say so myself! Some pretty good chapters all round.

Just as a word about Karate. We TRY to get out Karate every week, but that doesn’t mean it always happens. Cleaning this manga is tough, so inevitably there are going to be weeks where something comes up and we can’t make it in time. The only remedy for this is to get more cleaners!

Anyway, as usual get our releases from our Forums or from our Irc Channel.


  1. Jacknife Reply

    good job guys.

    Though, it will not be the white belt to end this, I know that.

    (i’m not exigent on this matter, but on KSKM, cleaners are making a really good job, as the traductor. Keep on going, i’m following you, and Minoru-kun)

    kisses from France

  2. memo Reply

    gracias por traer KSKM con tan buena calidad y una fantástica traducion

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