Karate, Shibatora, Peace Maker and a Recruitment Drive/Beg/Grovel…

This release has taken us longer than we would have liked. Today we release Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru Chapter 21, Peace Maker Chapter 11 (after…) and Shibatora Chapter 24.

I would like to take this time to highlight our need for staff, we are really stretched at the moment and although we love all of our series and want to do better it seems as though everybody else is indifferent. If you can help please let us know, reply here, post on our forums or simply spread the word. If you can’t help words of thanks perhaps a bit of activity on the forums would suffice.

Direct Downloads for all 3 chapters can be found on our forums

Domo did most of the cleaning for Peace Maker visit them here:



  1. Vandsy Reply

    While I can’t help (Starting post-grad shortly) I strongly support those who have the time and will to help. It’s a good experience though I’m not sure if you can really use it in your CV ~_~;

  2. JePiNaY Reply

    Yay! Thank you for the releases!
    Shibatora was awesome. And I can’t wait to read Karate SKM.
    I also just started Peace Maker…just now.

  3. Tohe_he Reply

    I’m crazy in love with Karate shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru, I know chapter 387 has just been released in Japan , now we just have 21 E.chapters, I hope I can read more.
    Thanks a million!!

  4. blennz Reply

    well im a member of Chibisuke-Scans and i see u need some help so i will love to help u clean some chapters if u have any for me =3

  5. Captain Shambles Reply

    if you still need a proofreader i would love to join i have been looking for a proofing job since my last scan group collapsed (due to lack of translator) if you need me then contact me anytime on the email i gave you (slow to reply) or hounc001@westberks.org to get a faster reply. (school email have to check so fast reply)

  6. Vin aderate Reply

    I’d love to help out as a proofreader, i hvnt done it before but im sure to be able to catch up fast and besides i have free time as well. Love you guyz work, hope u contact me soon.

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