Karate Shoukoushi 57 & 58

A double release of Kskm for you good people today. But, before I post the download links a few words and a brief update.

First of all please do not upload our releases onto any online readers for a 24 hour period, thank you.

Next, in regards to donations and raw scanning we still need that bit more help. If you can’t donate but think that you can scan that would also be a big help. Our current Kskm scanner had a period of illness and it made me realise having a few options is better than just having one. Also, having miscalculated the cost of sending raws the last set had to be sent via surface mail as it’s the cheapest. However,with surface mail all the Japanese postal service says is that it should arrive before 3 months pass. Next time we would like to go airmail to cut out the ambiguous waiting period, so if you can donate it is appreciated.

Lastly, I’ve been a bit distracted of late since in my time in Malaysia I had my passport and all my monies stolen (oh noes!) I am now penny and passportless in a cockroach infested hostel in KL.  This isn’t relevant to much I just need some sympathy and pity.

Downloads are on our FORUMS and will be up on our IRC channel shortly.


  1. Enzos Reply

    Thanks alot for your releases, especially Karate Shoukoushi 🙂
    And i REALLY REALLY pity your situation, and hopefully everything will turn fine!!!! I had a pretty similar experience and i know this suxx…


  2. indomie Reply

    oh poor you… you might have a chance of your passport being found again. don’t forget to block all creditcards and stuff that might harm you if others abuse it.
    thanks for the upload though!
    appreciate it while you are in a stupid situation!

  3. Daeva Reply

    Thank you for the releases 😀 I love this series, too bad the chapters are SO short XD

    I know a friend who owns the volumes for KSKM (not sure if he has got the whole collection, though–), I’m going to show him this post, maybe he could help with the scans 😀

  4. Jasonred79 Reply

    Hey, I live in KL, Malaysia! I’m sure many other leechers do too!

    If you dare to post your contact details here, I am quite willing to come over and lend you RM200 or so. Not a fortune, but more than enough to cover your food and drink for a week or so, until you can Visa or Mastercard or whoever to sort you out… or whoever is supposed to be rescuing you anyhow.

    If you’re feeling brave, you can bunk at my place, I’ve got a spare room. It’s no luxury hotel, but it’s not cockroach ridden either.

    I don’t dare put my phone number up here though, cause as you’ve experienced yourself, too many idiots in Malaysia. I’d be swamped in crank calls for the rest of my life! Should be ok for you though, since I assume you are using a temporary Malaysian phone number? Or I could meet you at your hostel. Should be safe enough, I don’t think that anyone is interested in robbing a penniless and passportless person… anyhow, the choice is up to you, it’s an open offer, keep up your spirits dude!

  5. dark mage Reply

    Thanks alot for the double release. I love this manga and you guys are the best group ever for working on this. I loved how Minoru won his match, and the way he got out of that tackling technique as he was using it to counter Pedro made me LOL. Looking forward to the next chapter eagerly

  6. dark mage Reply

    And oh yeah, I feel sorry for what happened to you in Malaysia, if you want I can help you out with room and lodgings and money too, (BTW I m not Malaysian, but an international student studying in Malaysia but I am already here for 2 and half years so I can help out)

  7. holypower Reply

    hi, thank you for the release and i feel sorry about what happened to you, but sorry i can’t help with anything.

    I found this forum with download links of KSKM RAW volume, i don’t know about the quality because i haven’t download them, but I hope it will help you with the RAW of KSKM.

    here’s the link:


  8. Drik Reply

    hi thanks for the double chap^^ and sorry for the loss of your passport and money

    if you need karate shoukoushi kohinata minuru’s raw you can found volume 1 to 30 on megaupload
    sorry if i speak weirdly but i’m french and my english is not so good^^

  9. Ivanovic Reply

    Well, if you need cleaner for the scans, am up to it 🙂 contact me through email. I like this series, and would like to clean the raws for you if you wish.

    Btw, sorry to hear about your situation though, must suck that way.

    Good Luck!

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