Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru 22 Release.

Here we are with another release a single chapter this time chapter 22 of Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru (Kskm for those who don’t know). The showdown between Minoru and Kiichi finally gets underway, after the build up that was chapter 21.

I’m not so sure if anyone has actually noticed but the quality of this chapter and the last is significantly better than our previous releases, this is because I bought the tanko’s and scanned in the chapters myself. It makes a very big difference (even those not really into quality should see it) the web raws are not great quality. However, my scanner has died and I do not have the money to buy a new one! If anybody is able to step in and scan some pages for us that would be brilliant, a series as good as this one deserves great quality scans. The art gets so good and kicks so much ass the further you get into the manga anything less would be an insult.

Since we came back at the end of August after our absence which was mostly my fault (life kicked my ass in every way from possible swine flu to bereavement), we have released 9 chapters of this series and 11 chapters of other series. We are trying.

We are also still hiring! We had some response to our last bit of begging, but, I’m not going to stop asking until we get enough staff so EDITORS/TRANSLATORS/REDRAWERS/TYPESETTERS we need you please reply here or apply on our forums… We love all of our series and want to have regular releases in order to get them out there to the fans.

You can find a Direct Download for the chapter on our forums.

Edit: I stupidly somehow managed to exclude page 29 from the release… The 70 or so people who have already downloaded the chapter please give it another DL there is not much missing on the page, but, still completion!


    • Jazzmatazz Reply

      That’s a very good question! I think lack of sleep has played with my brain, this is what you get for working too much over time! If you redownload it page 29 should be there now, my bad!

  1. Heartnet Reply

    U GuYs are Awesome! So fast! Thanks a bunch for the quick release.
    Keep up the good work

  2. Aaden Reply

    I just finished reading the entire manga just now and all i can say is AWESOME and thanks for to this! I hope you see it through to the end!

  3. pattycake Reply

    I read on onemanga and just read the current chapters(up to 22) on there, just wanna ask if you guys will keep uploading there and how often this series releases

  4. RedDemonKaiser Reply

    Great work!
    i love karate
    and i love this series

    obrigado from brazil!

  5. daukho94 Reply

    my name is daukho94 and I’m a member of a vietnamese translation team : PR9x ( http://pro9x.com/4zum/ )
    I would want to ask you your authorisation to translate your projects :
    – Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru
    I hope you will answer.
    But I don’t (and i can’t) forget to say the most important thing :
    Thank you for all your work

  6. Micayla Reply

    This manga has inspired me to continue my karate training at home. I moved 2800 miles from my dojo and got tired of the katas and switched to a different style, but this series brought me back to my roots. 😀 Thanks for posting these! Please continue! 🙂

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