Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru 48-53

For release today we have the second half of volume 5 for you. That’s right, one week after our release of the first 5 chapters of volume 5 we’re releasing the last 6 chapters of the same volume. This volume ends on what one could call a “cliffhanger”.

With this release we ask please do not mirror our release or upload it onto any online readers for a 24 hour period. 24 hours isn’t long and we offer free, quick, easy downloads on our site so we think it’s reasonable. The main reason for it being we want more people to visit our site or our irc channel. We can get some feedback and we hope more applicants, which is what we’re looking for.

As I mentioned above we are looking for staff, we need typesetters for basically every single one of our series! Editors too. Please please apply, help us to go even faster with Kskm, finally get up to speed with Peace Maker, or Shibatora/Hanagata. Apply on our forums.

Last of all, we are still looking for donations so that we can purchase the Tanks of this and our other series. That way we can scan them in ourselves and provide HQ scans at a better speed. You can read more about it here.

On to the release as usual direct downloads are available on our forums: CLICK MOI

Irc downloads aren’t up yet, but, they will be shortly. Our irc channel is:  #deadbeat@irc.irchighway.net


  1. heehee Reply

    Yo hoi! Thanks a bunch for your scanlation!!!! I really like this series! I think the quality of your scans and translation is good, so I don’t really have any (positive) critics to make about your work, it’s great!!!

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Whoa! How can you release chapters this fast with such a high quality? I’m stunned. :O

  3. Shuu Reply

    You guys are amazing! Fastest releases I’ve ever seen in 10 years!

    I can help with typesetting for Karate Shoukoushi occasionally! I’m a huge fan of it and I’d love to help out. I am a student though and so I have exam seasons but I’m currently on a free season for now so I’d love to help! e-mail me if you want me to help!

  4. axel Reply

    great ! you do an amazing work. please continu 😉
    i will see what you need, the problem is i ‘am french 😉 but i am a graphic designer if you need. i can clean raw and put text on it.

  5. cpu Reply

    bitter melon and shuri castle shureimon gate isn’t karate term and phrases…
    but, whatever..
    maybe you can change “karate term and phrases” with “term and phrases”.

  6. Citizen Reply

    Thank you for getting more chapter completed. Good job keeping up with the great quality that I have come to enjoy. I came to see your site and learned about Peace Makers so also thanks for that.

  7. Kevin Reply

    Thank you for the updates and the great quality! I am a HUGE fan of this manga and I look foward to more in the future!

  8. the Dojo Reply

    can’t wait until you guys release the next chapters!!!
    keep up the quick work!

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