Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru (KSKM) Chapter 2

Happy to release this into the world today! A few things to say about this one so hang on for a sec. Firstly, many thanks to tiger_kamen who pulled an all nighter translating this, also to all the hands that went in afterwards to work on the script and make it perfect when they didn’t have too. Again, a round of applause to MBS for their work and please go thank them on their site.

Lastly, we are still hiring for this project and others so if you want to progress as much as we do then apply! Or if there is another Deadbeat project you would like to work on then please sign up and apply on the forums.

Direct Downloads of the chapter located on our forums Here.

Just to sum it up.

MBS site

MBS forum

MBS irc


  1. Yuri Reply

    What position are you hiring for this project? If it’s as editor then I would like to apply.

  2. Jazzmatazz Reply

    We are looking for Editors for this project we have a real need as it goes. So your application is welcomed with very open arms. If you just make a thread in the recruitment section of our forums here http://www.deadbeat-scans.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=5 then we can go from there! Thanks for the interest it’s made my night we would really like to try and go far with this project 🙂

  3. watwat Reply

    thank you for the series it is bad ass. please keep up the same great work that you did in the first couple of chapters (they were excellent) and please post more when you have the time

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