Karate Volume 3 Release

So, again, it’s been a while since our last release. In fact, it has been a whole month!
However, we have not been idle.  Unfortunately things got a bit derailed, we wanted to release a lot earlier. Unfortunately, our HQ raws ran out during this chapter, and via a few mixups and problems, we had to decide at a point to use the web raws for volume. Also, one chapter right in the middle of things wasn’t ready, so we couldn’t make a release until it was finished.

So while our group still gets plagued by problems out of it’s control (Computers failing, people going missing, etc), we’ve still managed to do what I think, is a respectable amount of work. Today I have 8 chapters to release! That’s on average, 2 chapters per week. Ok, you caught me, it’s not quite that since it’s been 5 weeks since our last release. But it’s a damn good amount for a bunch of people, who have lives of their own, and are doing all this for free.

So here it is, you can find the download links here on our forums. Be sure to drop in and leave comments either here, or on the forums themselves, we do appreciate them.

We’re still recruiting all positions. Especially for our other projects who are feeling a bit lonely at the moment. So if you think you can help out, leave us a message.


  1. tixu Reply

    Thx a lot for your work !!!
    Will directly go to the forum to download it and read it 🙂

  2. Ich1 Reply

    You guys do great work! I like these scans better than the onces from sugooi.
    But still you should have a look at Sugooi
    They publish it per chapter, not volume. They are at 37 already.
    If you worked together, it’d be much quicker 😀
    And everybody would profit from it.
    It’s a win-win situation 😀

  3. Spacer Reply

    Thanks guys I just started reading this so it was nice to see I could read untill the end of volume 3 =)

  4. ITO Reply

    THANK YOU!!!

    I have been following this manga for over a year now and am really happy you picked it up.


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