Kickass Karate Comeback!

So we’re back with some kickass Karate chapters. For those who aren’t interestered in the scoop on what’s been going on with our group (For shame!) you can scoot over to the forums to grab the latest chapters (Chapters 14 through to 19).

Basically, to cut a long story somewhat short. Our group has gone through LOTS of issues. Our forums were attacked by vicious spam bots. We were set to move host way back in May which didn’t actually happen until last week. Our entire site went down during June for a period of time. Founder has had to deal with lots of real life issues. It’s been a hard time, especially when those who had access to the site weren’t around to make a post telling the tale! A lot of that has been resolved now, I – someone2040 – have been granted access to the website and forum administration so I can keep things in order. I mean, I’ve gotta do something while bored at work right?

Anyway, with all these problems, we have inevitably lost some staff along the way. We are recruiting ALL positions for any of our projects. We especially need translators (Who doesn’t!?) for our projects. Karate is doing fine, but the rest are in poor shape and could really use some help. If you’re interested in helping out, please head over to the Recruitment section of our forums and make a post.

Also, with the loss of staff we have consolidated on our projects. Obviously we can’t afford to do them all, and for some these announcements should’ve been made a LONG time ago. Here is an update on the status of each of our projects.

Karate Shoukishi Kohinata Minoru : Status, good! We should be pumping out regular updates for Karate, as we have the members to make this happen.

Shibatora : Status… ergh! We really need a translator for Shibatora as we have not been able to contact our old one.

Peace Maker : Status… Comatose! Require all positions. This isn’t a terribly hard manga, and is an ace wild-west gunfighting type manga. It’s released monthly, so once we catch up (If we ever do) it’s not a hard project to keep up to schedule with.

Shinyaku “Kyojin no Hoshi” Hanagata : Status…ergh again! We need a translator for Hanagata (Same guy was doing Shibatora), as well as Typesetters.

Rookies : This has been coming for a long time, but we dropped it. We have about 2 volumes or so sitting around somewhere that need to be released (When I find and compile them, I’ll do so). However, another group steamed ahead of us, and unfortunately we could just never get back up to scratch. Good intentions with this project, but unfortunately another group stole our thunder.

Billy Bat : Dropped as well. We only released a few chapters, and were constantly plagued by low quality raws. I think we’ll let the other groups who have picked up the slack handle Billy Bat.

Capeta : Dropped. We only ever released 2 chapters of this way back. Where we started also required watching an anime. Sure, if we get back on our feet, I wouldn’t mind picking it up and starting over from the beginning. But for now, the status of Capeta is dropped.

That’s pretty much all for now. Basically we’re back, we’re going to be bringing you more Karate, but we also need help with our other projects. If you want to help out, please, visit out forums and contact us (via a post).



  1. dark mage Reply

    Thanks for the Karate Shoukishi Kohinata Minoru chapter. I am a big fan of this manga and m very happy to hear about the regular releases part. So please keep up the great work

  2. bolacroc Reply

    you guys had been having a rough time. congratulations for passing all those bad times and Thanks for the Karate Shoukishi Kohinata Minoru

  3. Carrotop Reply

    Hi, I see that you guys are finally back up, umm, since it seems like you guys are still going with karate, and (i’m from Nonbiri)
    and I would like to continue it was well, without some sort of competion,
    do you want to do a joint?
    ( I’m sure you can see my email) so I hope this works out.

  4. Gara Reply

    Thanks for the releases !!! Love this series …. Keep up the good work !!!

  5. wong Reply

    Thx for the Karate Shoukishi Kohinata Minoru 🙂
    And hope you’ll find soon a translator for Hanagata… i’ really like this manga *__*

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