KSKM 104, Rookies 194

Hey all,
Got two chapters this week. Karate and Rookies! No Shibatora unfortunately, hopefully we should get a chapter out next week for those.

Also, just a reminder to you people out there. Scanslation doesn’t make itself happen! If you think you can help out on our projects, please apply on our forums. We could really use cleaners overall for most of our series.

Anyway, grab the chapters either from our Forums or our Irc Channel. Stop by at Illuminati-Manga to give them thanks for their work on Rookies as well, and check out their series.


  1. Fakers Reply

    Haha thks man. keep it up! dying to see the manga. nice manga !!!

  2. Badalight Reply

    Thanks so much for all your hardwork. Rookies is without a doubt my favorite manga. I love you guys. Quick question, how many chapters total does Rookies have? I know it has 24 volumes and roughly 9-10 chapters each Volume, but an exact number would be nice =)

  3. someone2040 Post authorReply

    Rookies has 233 chapters in total, so still a quite a while off from the finish.

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