KSKM 120, Peace maker 31, Rookies 201-205

Hey guys,
Got an unexpected bunch of chapters today. Your usual Karate is this week of course, but there’s plenty more for fans of other series. We’ve got another great chapter of Peace Maker, and not one, not two, but 5 chapters of Rookies. This closes off volume 21 of Rookies, so only 3 more volumes to go!

Still haven’t managed to contact the bot host, so our new releases are not on IRC at the moment (You can still get all our old releases). So for now, you can just head over to our Forums to grab the chapters. Also, large thanks to Illuminati Manga who typeset 4 of these chapters (I only slacked and did 1 :().


  1. Jordan Reply

    Thanks so much for the latest Rookies! >_< This and One outs best baseball ever!

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