KSKM 122

Hey guys,
Got another great chapter of Karate for you this week.
Umm… that’s about it. In other news, probably no release next week. I’ve got a long await holiday during the release period next week. But we’ll see what we can do, maybe I can trick one of these other people in the group to do a release for me >.>

Also of note. Our packlist on the bot got cleaned out. So none of the triggers apart from this chapter (!KSKM122) work at the moment. You can find the manual entries for our packs here, just look on the Anubis bot. Our triggers should be back over the weekend.

So yeah, grab the chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel.

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  1. PixiWorld Reply

    Thanks for KSKM!
    Hope there will be some other releases as soon as possible, wanna see Mouto vs. Masa 😀

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