KSKM 128

Well guys, I’m not in a huge rush this week. So a bit more of a spiel shall be had. Today we’ve just got the latest chapter of Karate for you guys. This whole tournament arc is pretty sweet huh, lots of fighting, not a lot of blabbering. Of course, it’s also pretty painful on the redraws šŸ™

Anyway, thanks to those who applied after our cry for help on Shibatora last week. We’ve got one cleaner so far, but we could use another. We could also use a typesetter if anyone knows their stuff. We really want to get through this series, especially now that the translator has a bit more time so we could potentially do weekly releases of the series if we had the staff. So just a thought for you Shiba fans, we have the window to release things faster, so join the staff to help out. Of course, that goes for fans of any of our series, not just Shibatora.

Anyways, grab the chapter of Karate from our Forums or our Irc Channel


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