KSKM 136

Well, finally we got the chapter out. Was a bit of a hassle to get this one done. Cleans weren’t ready on time, and then while QCing I had to redraw a bunch of stuff that was missed out (Those magazine pages in the chapter, yeah, I had to do that while QCing). Not really something you want to be doing when you’re under a hard deadline on the QC, had to be done then or wasn’t going to see a release for another week!

So I hope you all appreciate the effort that is involved in getting out a Karate chapter! So certainly, if you know anyone who could help, please send them our way. We want to get Karate out faster for all, not slower.

Anyway, grab the chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. karateguyosu Reply

    Thank you so much for putting the effort to get the chapter in this week. I really appreciate it.

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