KSKM 138, Shiba 68, and Help!

Hi guys,
So the good news is, we’ve got 2 chapters for you this week. Got a chapter of Karate and a chapter of Shibatora.
The bad news is, we don’t have a typesetter for Shibatora anymore. If we don’t get one who’s reliable and gonna stick around to help us out, well, the project will probably get dropped. This will be a huge dissapointment, because we are over halfway done with Shibatora and we have a good cleaner for it at the moment. If you think about it, since Shibatora is finished we are only ever getting closer to finishing off the series, as opposed to say Karate, where we try our best just to keep up with the release schedule in Japan, let alone catch up.

So there you guys have it. If you’re a fan of the series, and you aren’t afraid of spending a couple of hours per chapter on typesetting Shibatora, please apply on our forums!

Anyway, you can get the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel, but remember that Shibatora’s days are numbered if we don’t get a Typesetter.


  1. rosierjay Reply

    i’m willing to be a typesetter for shibatora. i have my own webcomic so i’m familiar with the work.
    just let me know which fonts you use as your stable ones and i should be able to start.

  2. karateka Reply

    thanks so much! this chapter is awesome!
    i wish i had skills to help release faster…

  3. highschool-urchin Reply

    I think I forgot to blink while reading.
    Damn this fight is awesome!

  4. highschool-urchin Reply

    Also, thank you very much for all the work you guys do for us 😀

  5. DevD Reply

    Hey, I am willing to help you guys out with Shibatora as I love the series. I have never typeset(ted) a manga before. I have some knowledge of Photoshop CS5 as I did Graphics and Design at my college. If you guys need another guy helping out with shiba and I can assists roseirjay and half his load.

    DevD 🙂

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