KSKM 140

Hi all,
So finally, Karate 140 is done. This chapter took forever.
Now, partly due to this, we do have an announcement around Karate. We are no longer going to focus on doing this manga in HQ. We just don’t have the cleaning resource to do this anymore. We have 1 extremely talented cleaner on this series, and a few who have just started out. But it’s just too much to handle for 1 guy to be doing most of the work every week. Also, we do have lives, pretty busy lives I may add.
So yeah, basically, we’re unfortunately not going to be doing HQ cleaning anymore. We are currently looking through our options to speed up our cleaning process while trying to make the cleans look fairly ok. I’m sure you guys will see what it looks like in the coming weeks.
What this does mean though is we can hopefully speed up releases of the manga. We’re not going to nail down a ‘release schedule’ perse yet, but we do hope to get more than 1 a week out so we can start making up some ground on catching up to where Japan is (Light years ahead of us at the moment!).

So yeah, with this closing out volume 13 we decided to finish this chapter in HQ before moving onto LQ.

Grab the chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. Bzzzz Reply

    Thanks for the great work. What’s important is the quality of the translations (which are awesome). Not all of us are here for the drawings, but for the story and dialogue. So I would like to accept even if it is LQ.

  2. anon Reply

    Great idea guys, I rather have more chapters to read in week in LQ than one every once in a while in hq. Thanks for translating this project I really appreciate it.

  3. highschool-urchin Reply

    Thanks guys, I’m really thankfull for the work that you do 🙂

  4. fake Reply

    The fact that you continue to scanlate is good enough for me

    you guys will always be HQ regardless of the cleaning quality

  5. Übermensch Reply

    The translation quality is the most important. I really don’t care for the stamps/redrawings, I just want to read the dialogues. I, and I think the majority is with me, back up your guys decision.

  6. Alain Tang Choon Reply

    Hey guys, firstly thanks for 140 finally coming out and all the great work you guys do in this series i am sad to hear that you will be unable to keep it in such HQ as the art is of great importance to me in fact i have used this manga as a teaching point to many of my kohai (i am one of the black belts in my dojo and a lot of us follow the manga) but i understand your guys are busy trust me i am currently trying to juggle 3 jobs and my national karate team training, that said…. i really love this manga and i do have some skill in Photoshop as i am an amateur graphic artist I am certain this is not the place to ask but how can i be any assistance cleaning or translating (though i doubt i can help yet on translation i am terrible with languages on the whole am now in the process of learning Japanese)

  7. crazy_horse1989 Reply

    I shouldn’t be the one saying this, but actually, the quality isn’t that bad, even after downgrading to LQ, shades of grey, some crispness and the image size. Original text will still be covered, it’s just that cleaners first fill in with content that looks similar, then typesetting and lastly, corrections are made to stuff that couldn’t be covered by text. HQ looks awesome, but so much work has to be put behind it, especially when it involves redraws and KSKM has A LOT. I’ll let you wait for the chapter to be released to form an opinion of your own.
    That said, you can always apply on the forums if you want to help out, since you asked.

  8. Lucas Reply

    Thanks for the KSKM, I am form Brazil and you are the only scanlator in the hole internet who have came this far on KSKM.

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