KSKM 141 and Shibatora 70

Hi all,
So this is a little embarassing… Shibatora 70 should’ve been released a few weeks ago… But I thought I had already released it! Oops! Well, here it is now!
Also, this week is the first chapter of Karate in our lower quality cleans. Let us know what you think.

Grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. Anon Reply

    I completely forgot about the quality difference lol. I’m just happy it’s released.

  2. anon Reply

    Thanks for the release, still looks good to me can barely even tell the difference. I’d rather have the manga released faster and be a little LQ. I don’t think I’m the only one in certain series alot of people value speed releases over HQ quality.

  3. karateka Reply

    being really honest: kskm still looks great!
    thw work is just fine! please go on like this!

  4. Tom Reply

    Hello deadbeat-scans

    Personally i can enjoy a slow releasing series like Berserk as much as i can enjoy a series being scanlated at a chapter a week pace, but then i have been reading scanlations for more then ten years.

    If the difference in quality between the latest releases and the previous reduces the workload significantly, i’d think you should continue in this manner because the quality of this chapter surely kept its entertainment/art value.

    Thanks for all the hard work!!

  5. PixiWorld Reply

    Thanks for KSKM. I also think it looks great, no big difference to the quality before.

  6. DaBaws Reply

    The manga’s really great. You can’t even notice the quality difference! Keep up the good (and fast) work! 😀

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