KSKM 147, Shibatora 72 and Capeta v14 Part 3

Hi all,
3 chapters for all today. A bit of everything. We’ve got the usual Karate and in addition the sem-usual Shibatora and Capeta. Be sure to thank the staff that make these releases happen in the comments or even if you see them on IRC.

Grab the chapters from the Forums or the Irc Channel.


  1. The Urchin Reply

    Thanks guys 😀
    I can’t be the only one to have turned on the music when they did so in karate right?

    Gotta remember it for the next chapters as well

  2. T.L.M. Hax Reply

    Again, Thanks for the Capeta chapter. I’ve been waiting for the next release.

  3. Light Reply

    Thanks a lot for all the good work on Karate. Please, lets keep it up so we can be up to date with japan soon. =D

  4. heehee Reply

    Many thanks for all your hard work! It’s a bit shameful I haven’t commented yet for it, especially knowing I absolutely LOVE KSMK ^^And I just got to your last ch of Peace Maker and I cannot wait for more (I will though I guess, lol)

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