KSKM 148 and Shibatora 73

Hey all,
Almost had a repeat performance of last week with 3 chapters, one from each Karate, Shibatora and Capeta. But unfortunately Capeta had some last minute issues, so slightly delayed.
But you guys still get to enjoy more Karate and Shibatora!

So what are you waiting for, go grab them from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. cholosmar Reply

    Thanks for your hard work. By the way, I just want to let you know, in mangafox the karate chapter was available inmediatly after you uploaded it. I’m not sure if you allow that or it is necessary to wait certain hours (or days).

  2. The Urchin Reply

    Awesome work guys! 😀

    Damn it I am sooo pumped right now!
    Had eye of the tiger in the background while reading karate!

  3. heehee Reply

    Oooooh! THANK YOU!!!! I knew this had to come! Both are really exciting right now! I was missing Minoru in the previous chapters (Mutou’s too big I guess, And why can’t Minoru fight a bit more normally and less flashy?… Though his gym background could be an excuse…. Still ) and Shibatora’s also coming to a peak!
    Anyway onegai shimasu!

  4. T.L.M. Hax Reply

    Thanks! Looking forward to the Capeta release. Thanks for picking up the pace again.

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