KSKM 166 and Shibatora 82

Hey all,
Got first chapter of the brand new arc for Karate. A bit of a time skip (Not much, only a year, but everyone’s changed a little bit). No sign of Mutou yet, but he’s sure to be back sooner or later.
Also, latest chapter of Shibatora for you guys. Things look like they might be heating up a little…

Grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. The Urchin Reply

    Thanks guys!

    It has taken a turn that I really didn’t expect, but I like it!
    Seems like it holds quite a lot of potential 😀

  2. Kevadu Reply

    Nice work, guys.

    On the subject of Shibatora’s story, though…the author really needs to do some research. It’s actually pretty hard to ignite gasoline when it’s not vaporized. If you throw a lit cigarette into a pool of gas, nine times out of ten the cigarette will be put out from the lack of oxygen and absolutely nothing will happen. You really need an open flame to ignite gasoline. But even if it did ignite, there’s no giant explosion or anything. It just kind of burns. Gasoline is a pretty stable fuel, it’s only really dangerous in vapor form.

    I know it might seem like I’m nitpicking and there’s certainly nothing scanslators can do about the direction the author went in, but I still felt the need to point this out. It’s hard to enjoy a story in a realistic setting when it diverges so far from reality…

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