KSKM 194 and Capeta v16 Part 3

Hey All,
So a few things today.
Obviously, more karate! Hurrah! Finished with volume 18, now onto volume 19.
Next is we’ve got a new release of Capeta ready for you all. This is the first release in a while without the E-A joint. Well, really it’s basically same old same old with the same staff anyway.
Lastly, the new IRC bot has been updated with all the files and triggers now. Some of the old single chapter triggers have been removed in lieu of just using the volume triggers.
For those who don’t know, we also ditched deadbeat-host a while ago for DDL’s. So at some point we will also update the website/forums with new DDL links for all of our previous chapters as well.

Anyway, go grab them chapters from the Forums or the Irc Channel.


  1. T.L.M. Hax Reply

    Thanks for Capeta! I’m always checking for another Capeta chapter. Almost done with volume 16!

  2. illumis Reply

    Thanks for releasing another chapter of Capeta! I’ve found myself enjoying all your releases but especially Capeta. Keep up the good work.

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