KSKM 196 and Shiba 107

Hey all,
So obviously Shibatora is on a bit of a roll. This is thanks to the fact it’s far easier to clean and we’ve got a lot of the cleaning work done upfront. So obviously, new chapter of Shibatora today!

Also, finally a new chapter of Karate. Unfortunately, Karate is not so much on a roll as a slump. I think our readers should be aware, but Karate has an extraordinary amount of redraws that need to be done. And they’re not easy, far from it. This makes it really hard for a single guy to get everything done.
So again, a cry for help, if you are or know someone who can tackle redrawing, please send them our way. If you want to see faster releases (And you know, eventually finish those 30~ volumes we have remaining), we need more help.
Until then, we’ll be going back to single releases for a while until we can find some way to cope with the huge workload.

Grab the chapters from the Forums or our Irc Channel.


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