KSKM 199, Shiba 113 and Quality Announcement

Hi all,
So it’s a sad day, but it probably had to finally occur. As many of you may know, Karate has 50 volumes in the entire series (Not including it’s sequel/spin off). We’ve been doing this series for almost 5 years now, and we’re at volume 19. At the current time, we’re certainly not at the peak of our group. So continuing on with a series, that has redraws almost every single page (and not simple ones at that), is going to be a huge struggle. We struggle to get out one release per week at the moment, and it’s a large toll on our cleaner who has to do the job solo. And well, can we expect him to do this for another 6 years? Probably a bit unfair.
So sadly, we’ve had to make the choice. We have always tried to bring the highest quality scanslations to our readers in the past. Even if we don’t have the most popular series, we take pride in the fact WE enjoy our series and want to do this. But especially with some of the last chapters being so redraw heavy, and I’m sure to be just as bad in the future, we’ve made the decision to not do redrawing for Karate. Almost all the redraws in chapters of Karate from now on, will be covered with a white box and the text put over that. We’ll leave it up to you to decide how well it works, but it’s a hell of a lot less work than before.

For our remaining series, life will continue on like usual. We’ll still be giving you the HQ scanslations we have provided in the past. These series don’t have anywhere near as many redraws as Karate, so we can afford to put in the extra time to polish it up.

Anyway, a lot of text and rambling, but that’s the way it is. Go get the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. bububu Reply

    To be honest, I expected this happening much earlier. It’s a pity but I’m glad you didn’t drop the series. Thanks and take care.

  2. az060693 Reply

    This is a good idea, when I was cleaning I found that if a series was particularly redraw heavy, it took up at least half the time of the total cleaning+typesetting process. I’m all in favor of releasing faster for efficiency.

  3. krish19oo Reply

    Thank you very much for the release and doing whatever it takes to continue kskm is wonderfull

  4. Kelly Reply

    You guys have done a great job, and it is much appreciated. We’ll still be very happy to see your releases! 🙂

  5. lolman Reply

    Thank you for Shiba + Karate!! Obviously I prefer the redrawing…but I understand your decision! Redrawing is hard and exhausting, so it’s completely acceptable for series redraw heavy like Karate. I approve the white box..actually it is surprisingly pretty good! Congratz! And THANKS for not dropping Karate 😀

  6. w Reply

    I am completely fine with this. What truly matters is that you guys didn’t drop the series. Thanks for all your hardwork : )

  7. xanon Reply

    Like many of the others; that’s completely understandable and thanks for not dropping KSKM! Y’all do a great job and I look forward to your releases each week.

  8. Jacknife Reply

    Can’t even tell the difference… Thanks for your hard work until now, and from now on.

  9. Prakpn Reply

    Sure, white boxes take away from the pictueres but hey, it’s not like the whole page is gone. Missing a little here and there does in no way deminish the fun this series is to read. Thx for keeping KSKM alive !

  10. Badalight Reply

    Any update on new Rookies chapters? Been awhile since the last update, just wondering! You guys are super close to finishing it 🙂

  11. mierten Reply

    If someone gets that bent out of shape about white boxes, then they need to step up to the plate and help edit!
    It is a case of put up or shut up!

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