KSKM 200 and Shiba 115

Hey all,
So today we have our 200th chapter of Karate! Not even half way there! Darn… But still, it’s a pretty big achievement, considering that almost all of them were done in fairly high quality absurd redraws and all. Karate is obviously a pretty big endeavor, I think for a while it probably made up half of our releases.
But since then, Shibatora has picked up a bit of steam now at 115 chapters and only about 15~ or so left.

So enough blabbing. Next milestone is get to 250 to the halfway point. Grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. Kelly Reply

    Thank you very much! And congrats on the milestone! (★^O^★)

  2. Genos81 Reply


    2 Questions: 1. Is Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari a direct sequel to KSKM or a complete new story with new characters and only set in the same “universe”? 2. Are you interested in working on it?

  3. cmertb Reply

    1. Both. The main characters are different, but they appeared in KSKM for the first time, and the story takes place after the end of KSKM. 2. Personally, I’m not interested until KSKM is finished. But if there’s a tler who wants to do KSM, maybe. We can discuss it. Although it would be better to get another tler on KSKM (as long as he doesn’t require tlc).

  4. Shamo Reply

    Great work with the translation and very HQ, I just finished the manga from 1-200 chapters in a single go and yours are by far the best scans. Thanks Cmertb, Someone2040, Kyuubi654, Crazy_horse1989!!!!!!!

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