KSKM 215

Hey all,
Message from the staff working on KSKM first:
Here’s the deal: we get so few comments for KSKM that we feel like we’re scanlating in a vacuum. If no one cares about our releases, then we won’t care either. And you know here that leads, right? Therefore, as a last ditch effort to save this project, look to the right of the page for a handy little plugin that you can use to request the next KSKM chapter. Once we get the required number of signatures, we will start working on the chapter the signatures are for.

Needless to say, if you would show that you care by more conventional means (you know, saying something on the forum and in release posts), we wouldn’t have to use this alternative method of gauging your interest. For now, bear with it.

So with that, we do have Karate 215 today. Grab the chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel


  1. Hastur Reply

    Pffft Strongest diciple kenichi is nothing to this manga and i know lots of people is gonna wanna murder me for saying this but is true, HSDK got boring since along time ago i check it from time to time just to see if there is something interesting, i think is just because people is up to date with the releases and because kskm allready ended and raws are at 500 chapter, but anywho kskm is sooooooo much better then HSDK, the only thing that is cool about HSDK is the big boobs half-naked and sometime naked girls and maybe thats why is so popular because it has ecchi but for real, the breaker new waves, feng shu ji and kskm are my favorite mangas at the momment

  2. 4649matt Reply

    Even if I have read these in Japanese, I enjoy reading them in English due to your quality work!

  3. mixmariobros Reply

    This manga is awesome, please don´t drop the translation!!!

  4. gopik Reply

    This manga is awesome, please don´t drop the translation!!! PLEASE

  5. kanos Reply

    Easily one of the better mangas out there. As for straight martial arts mangas go, it’s one of my top 3. Breaker, breaker new waves and kskm. So please keep it up, as I would lose one of my favorites that I wait for every week.

  6. Yamazaki Reply

    Well, I saw the 1st page of the chapter, so I came to ask not to drop this nice series! Thanks for the nice work up to here!

  7. KenMishima Reply

    I couldn’t find the widget. But please! don’t stop scanlating KSKM!

  8. Dimitrij Reply

    please, never… ever… in your right mind stop scanlating KSKM… I’m a karate-ka, and a martial art maniac… and this comic makes me so motivated to practice… please do not stop scanlating and releasing more…

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