KSKM 216

Hey all,
We’ve had a huge amount of comments on Karate. It’s really amazing how much you guys have pulled through. So here’s comments from the staff:

kyuubi654: It’s been nine days now since we released KSKM 215 and asked you all to leave a signature in our little plugin. Well… what can we say, we’re absolutely amazed at the 3,450 signatures we received and even more so by the 450 comments left on that release. Absolutely AWESOMESAUCE given that we set a goal of only 150 signatures (should also tell you how low our expectations were ^^).

Seeing how the number of signatures kept growing by the hour and reading ALL your comments was a real motivator you can all rest assured that we’ll continue releasing the awesome ass-kicking Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru in the fashion that you’ve gotten accustomed to.

cmertb: Given the unexpectedly overwhelming response, we’ve decided to forgo any further petition drives for the foreseeable future. But take heed, if we ever feel lonely again, these petitions will resume. Don’t make scanlators feel isolated, or they weaken, wither, and die, taking your manga with them.

Also, you might note that a number of your suggestions have been implemented (e.g. a “thanks” button). Additionally, the full text of the post doesn’t show up on the front page anymore, all to make it easier for you to find the comment box for each release post. これからもよろしく。

crazy_horse: I must say, the target number of signatures was positively smashed and shattered. Nobody expected these numbers, because the general reviews for the series weren’t very good, to say the least. And yes, we knew that a lot of people do read it on Batoto and the whole lot of online readers, but there were very few comments on the site itself. This was somewhat confusing, seeing as another niche manga series that was recently picked up by Deadbeat got way more than KSKM.

Anyway, enough rambling. If you want the scanlators to feel that they are doing something worthy with their spare time (or their lives, for that matter), for the love of Batman, comment on their releases!! This applies to every series that you are reading, every group that you are following. Or, at least… You know, click the “Thanks” button, where available….?

someone2040: Well looks like our readers absolutely smashed the expectations that we had around how many signatures we’d get on the petitions. So colour us surprised at the amount of fans we actually have on the series. It’s a fair few more than the average 500~ or so direct downloads we get on the Karate chapters. But I think it’s a lesson to be learnt, we do enjoy scanslating our series, but we want to know that others appreciate it as well. So chime in your thanks on every release, even if it’s a monotonous task. It makes it all that much easier to continue to do the job knowing that there are plenty of others out there enjoying the same works we do.

And here’s the latest chapter! Grab it from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. Rovir Reply

    THANK YOU! 😉 We will be heard for you if you ever wish so, our lieges m(_ _)m

  2. afos Reply

    You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work! I love this manga! 😀

  3. drej Reply

    I bet there’s more. Including those whom don’t really gives a sh*t (or just skip to the juice) before reading scanlators comments….

  4. El Reply

    Great feature! Thank you guys <3 I'll comment as much as you want as long as you continue the great work. Also, loved the quote you put on the last page.

  5. THiago Reply

    Hey guys, thanks for doing KSKM. The WORLD thanks you! (BRAZIL here) 😀

    Thank you so much!

  6. hit parade Reply

    I usually don’t post on the actual scanlator’s site, but after having saw the call for petition on the previous KSKM chapter and signing it ASAP, here I am (for you all as well as other Scanlators from here on out). You guys do excellent work, your site has been bookmarked, and you have my UTMOST THANKS.

  7. Rodrigo Reply

    Keep up the good work guys! And thanks for bringing this awesome manga to us.
    Greetings from a fan in Chile, South America.-

  8. HB Reply

    Awesome!!! I’m so happy to hear that! Keep up the great work! お疲れ様です!

  9. YOLOYOLo Reply


  10. Ricko Reply

    Thanks a lot for KSKM.. keep it up guys!
    greetings from Brazil. HUE HUE HUE BR (lol)

  11. Vesta Reply

    I’m a little late in seeing this release. Thank you guys for your work! KSKM is great. We appreciate it.

  12. adam Reply

    thank you thank you thank you. i usually lead a pretty hectic life so the most i do for supporting scanlators is a donation here and there and reading on batoto. but seeing as this is one of my favorite mangasill drop bye when i can. you guys really are awesome. i

  13. Ared Reply

    Thx for KSKM 216 released.
    I was pretty worried when KSKM 216 wasnt released. But u guys did it and thx so much.
    Ared from Msia support u guys^^

  14. Tom Reply

    Just want to say i appreciate the work and time you all put down.
    I would have tough time getting through the hard days at work without the manga you guys provide each

    So from the bottom of my heart honto ni Arigato! and GANBARE! :3

  15. senna Reply

    you guys are awesome, it’s not like there’s no love or something, maybe we just a bunch of shy guys who didn’t talk much haha
    keep up the good work!

  16. panduh Reply

    I’m very happy to know that you guys are continuing on with KSKM though I wish that I could have been a part of the support. I started reading it years back and found the link to on my computer yesterday and stayed up all night reading it. When I heard that it might get dropped I came here to sign to keep it on but found that it was already saved. So as the person that showed up late I want to say thank you to everybody who signed to keep it alive, and to the scanlators I want to say thank you so very much for all the time and effort that you put into your scans.

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