KSKM 217

Hey all,
Less than a week later, we’ve got chapter 217 ready for all you fans. So keep up the encouragement, and keep reading!

Grab the chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. Rodrigo Reply

    Thanks guys for another great chapter! And thanks for releasing it so fast! Gracias desde Chile 😀

  2. bobby flannagen Reply

    hello deadbeat scans, thanks for all your hardwork, i wish i were rich and had my own team of people dedicated to translating manga (any type) because i know someone somewhere may stumble upon a certain manga i happen to have translated and may begin to like it until they finish the entire story. i wanna be the person who owns the team that made it happen for them. believe it or not i started reading kskm around two weeks ago and recently found out that the said manga is ongoing. i hope you guys don’t give up. and i’m sorry for not being rich enough to send you guys money. 🙁

  3. darckchild Reply

    Many thanks from Germany. I’m eagerly awaiting everly release of KSKM.

  4. Paul Reply

    you guys are the best, and this manga is awesome = amazing combination! osu!

  5. Manos Reply

    Thx a lot guys, i really love this manga, i hope you keep realising it. Keep up the hard work guys ! 🙂

  6. Sofia Reply

    Thanks! I like to read a couple at a time, but having the self restraint is hard…….

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