KSKM 221, Himizu 33, Peace Maker 40, Montage 1 and 2

Hey all,

This week we’ve got a turn of events in the Minami – Makinba fight, a criminal on the run in Himizu and a shocking revelation for Peace Emerson in Peace Maker and to top it all off we’re proud to announce a new project we’ve picked up: Montage by Watanabe Jun. That’s a lot, huh? Well don’t just keep it to yourselves, go out and spread the word ^^

Note from cmertb: Montage happens to be  my favorite manga at the moment. The suspense is still killing me even after 12 volumes. But, imagine my surprise when I decided to google it today to see if there are any news about it, and I found out that it’s getting a screen adaptation. I don’t know if it means a TV series or a movie, but anyway, it’s very exciting news for me and a tiny handful of readers who became fans just from the first chapter. I really hope the number of fans will grow… although its cliffhangers will torture you quite a bit.



As always you can grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.




  1. hfgh Reply

    thank you for the chapters! Haven’t read peacemaker in a while but if you are picking up the pace i’ll get back into it, thanks for karate and himizu as always and I’m looking forward to checking out the new series.

  2. kyuubi654 Post authorReply

    @Marik: thx for pointing it out. haven’t released stuff in ages, now i gotta get back in shape for our vacation releases 🙂
    @hfgh: yeah, i only recently started reading Peace Maker… and now i have to wait for new chaps…WTF?!?! i’m on the team!! GIMME MOAR CHAPS NAO!!!!

  3. Beanbro Reply

    Awesome work with Himizu and I’m excited to see where Montage goes since I loved RRR.

  4. Zhou Reply

    Whoa, you picked Montage up? Awesome, it has been months since the other group released the first chapter. Also, thanks for Himizu, you guys have been doing a great job and sorry for not coming here in quite a while. I like reading the long credit pages, it’s always nice to read a group’s thoughts and get additional information, so please don’t say that they are boring.

  5. That1Guy Reply

    Thanks for Himizu. I don’t understand how he feels it was a mistake that he missed the killer either. I mean, how the hell is somebody supposed to know who is a “bad guy” and who is a “good guy?” Dude really is crazy… and hard on himself. Also, I always read the notes at the end of chapters unless they explain something I already know about. So that at least makes one person…

  6. lolman Reply

    Thank you for Karate, Himizu & of course Peace Maker!! What a great surprise! Montage! Finally a group picked up this series.

    Thanks guys o/

  7. Sofia Reply

    thanks for Karate! Montage looks cool too, though I think I’d be better off waiting until more has been translated. My favourite method of watching and reading has always been marathoning, maybe I need to start consuming mediocre media so I don’t feel so desperate to watch/read the next part…

  8. bububu Reply

    Thanks for your hard work and Montage really seems interesting. Thanks again.

  9. timmy Reply

    Thanks alot for the Himizu chapter, keep up the good work! Looking forward to the last Volume.
    Will check out your other scanlations.

  10. Doomroar Reply

    You know i actually like to read the ramblings and explanations in the credits page of Himizu, i can’t believe there is only one volume left, should i watch the live action?

  11. crazy_horse Reply

    @Doomroar: Well, the Himizu live action movie is a little different. You might as well treat as a standalone story. You can watch it, it kinda follows the story, but it does things differently than the manga. VERY DIFFERENTLY. Also, earthquake, tsunami, what? Never even mentioned in the manga.

    More information here: http://ani.me/zine/home/article/4741/

  12. Leonearmato Reply

    Thank you very much for Montage, I really enjoyed the first two chapters ^^

  13. Reg Reply

    Thanks guys, always great to get karate and the new series looks awesome already!

  14. Tom Reply

    ooh right in the …. i know just how that is ghu!

    Thanks guys hope it`s not long until the next chapter=)

  15. karateka Reply

    thank you for karate!
    why does my anti virus always alerts me when going on your site? it is told to be infected with a malicious tojan javascript…
    please check…
    (using avast free antivirus)

  16. cmertb Reply


    Your antivirus is BSing you.

    This site was once entered by google in some virus list because allegedly some script from a different domain served some trojan twice in a 90 day period. Except we never had any scripts from that domain running here. Google is full of shit, and your antivirus is probably still using their obsolete list. We’re not on that list anymore, but it took them weeks to remove us.

    Well, anyway, my best guess.

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