KSKM 224, Peace Maker 41, Montage 3

Hey all,

starting now i’ll be taking over the releases for a few weeks till someone2040 gets back from his lovely trip to Japan. Seeing how nobody released Montage last week i’ll just do it now together with the other two chapters set for release. So expect a nice relaxing post-fight chapter in KSKM, and unexpected developments in Peace Maker and Montage.

As always you can grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


P.S.: About the virus alert someone2040 mentioned, i also got that but only from my mum’s PC (which could already be riddled with some trojans and such^^). Connected to the same network after that on my laptop and didn’t get the alert (using ESET Smart Security 5 on both PCs). We’ll look into it… and if any of you guys out there are getting constant alerts when connecting to our site try running Spybot and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware on your machines (who knows, problem could be at your end or your AV software, some give false positives you know ^^).




  1. Esa Reply

    thanks bro. But why just 7 pages? Is there any possibility this week kskm 225 will be out?

    • crazy_horse Reply

      @Esa: 7 pages for which chapter? KSKM? The link is good, so that one is on your end. As to Karate 225 this week, very unlikely, sorry. We’ll try to have it for next week.

  2. Virus Reply

    I’ve been getting redirected to dating/fishing sites on first visit to this site for the last couple weeks. My guess would be this is a possibility. This is the only site it occurs on and only on certain browsers.

  3. karateka Reply

    Can’t wait for the next chapter of KSKM!!! Ibuki (my fave character) is fighting. Always guaranteed to be a good chapter.

  4. Anon Reply

    So how exactly is the workload split between you guys and illuminati concerning Rookies? I feel like it’s more of their series now, despite you guys being the ones who started it off?

    • crazy_horse Reply

      @Anon: I don’t know how much I can say, but yes, it is still a joint. Looking only at the credits page, it would seem that way, yes. The reason for that is that there were times when we lost staff members or they were too busy to handle stuff anymore. When that happened, Illuminati had to find replacements.
      I used to handle Peace Maker, Shibatora, KSKM and Capeta 2 years ago, but when Real Life hit me hard and I had to drop out of everything but KSKM. I later picked up Capeta and some Shibatora, when one of the typesetters couldn’t do it anymore.
      Scanlation work is never easy when you have to deal with real life.

  5. DpeterS Reply

    Thanks for the release!
    Regarding the virus alert: I’m using Avast free antivirus, and it’s always alerting when I try to open the link on the website. It’s better then before though; the web shield blocked the entire site.

  6. g_g Reply

    ty for the chapters!

    About the A-V, you really should check the site for badware. It’s true that it’s only a redirect (not a virus or something that will affect users), but it would suck to have the site flagged or even blocked.

    Search about .htaccess redirects and how to fix it. It’s a hidden code in your .htaccess file that redirects you when you come from certain sites or under some conditions. I have no idea but that could be the cause.

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