KSKM 225 and Montage 4 (imported from temp site)

Here’s our overdue release.

We usually link to the forum, but our forum is also on the google shit list, so most browsers won’t let you go there. Thus, I’m providing the DL links here. Also, no IRC dl for now because a) I forgot how to do it; b) I think we changed the bot since I did it last, so I might not even have access. Either DL here or read online.

(If you’re really curious, the forum is safe so you can ignore the warning, the viruses are in the blog code somewhere).

Anyway, today we have the next chapter of Karate, in which Ibuki delivers a surprise, and another chapter of Montage, whose release pace I hope we can speed up at some point in the future. Volume 13 and the start of a new arc will be out in November. Personally, I can’t wait.

Oh, and here’s an interesting video to accompany the current chapter of Montage:

(I don’t know why the song has to be in French rather than Japanese, but it’s not my video.)

Here are the links:

KSKM 225: DDL Read Online
Montage 4v2: DDL Read Online (links updated)


  1. bububu Reply

    That was why there was no news from you on MU… 🙁
    I hope everything will be fine soon and thanks for for the chapies.

  2. White-Fox Reply

    Thank you for the chapter. I was wondering about the thanks button as well… 🙁

  3. crazy_horse Reply

    Well, about the thanks button… This is a temporary blog until we get the main one cleaned, so it wouldn’t make much sense if we were to invest hours and hours in trying to pretty this one up.
    When we inevitably get the main one fixed, we will try to import these posts there.

  4. gg_no2 Reply

    Big thanks for the chapters, Montage is looking really interesting so far.
    Good luck fighting those viruses, that sucks…I hope you have the site clean soon enough.

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