KSKM 226 and Montage 6

Hey all,

as you all know we’ve been knocked out for a while by some nasty malware infestation, which can be quite annoying when you don’t have the appropriate person to handle such situations. After several attempts it would seem we’ve gotten rid of any and all hidden codes in our files so now it’s time to resume our usual pace and bring you your much awaited series. (Please report any redirections you might encounter or any warnings your AV gives.)

This week in KSKM we’ll get to see if Ibuki manages or not to turn the tables on his opponent by simply switching stances and in Montage Yamato and Miku find out a shocking fact, i wonder what it could be… Oh the tension!!! Also, we’ve got a packaged version of KSKM volume 21, so enjoy that as well ^^

As always you can grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. lolman Reply

    Karate and Montage!! Thank you 😀

    Hey guys, no news about Capeta? I miss that manga ;_;

  2. cmertb Reply

    @LOLMAN We’re losing the Capeta translator. We might get one more chapter out, but after that we’re left high and dry until a new translator steps up.

  3. lolman Reply

    @CMERTB: Thank you for the info! I pray you find a translator for Capeta! ^^

  4. askylineview Reply

    Thank you very much! And not gonna lie, I am glad your site is functional again. Hope it didn’t give you guys too much trouble to fully get rid of it. 🙂

  5. Sofia Reply

    Thank you for Karate! Good to be able to come onto the site and actually say it, too (:

  6. Kolsyrade Reply

    Good to see you back again.
    Now get back to translating our KSKM, slaves 🙂

    (seriously, thanks for your hard work)

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