KSKM 227 and Montage 7

Hey all,
Well this is the first release post I get to do since coming back from Japan! Obviously a lot of shit went wrong while I was gone, but our trusty team managed to get it sorted in the end. Anyway, i’m way behind on Montage now, so gotta go read all the chapters we’ve done to catch up to todays release!

Grab the chapters now from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. l0stbaka Reply

    SWEET!! more KSKM!
    wrong is if this all went away. I would say sideways is a better description

  2. Sofia Reply

    Wow, return from holiday to 6 chapters of karate! What a lucky girl I am. That should help to make settling back into a regular routine easier!

    Many thanks. Hope you had a great time in JP.

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