KSKM 230

Hi all,
Bad news is… I have to go on a business trip. So if the next release isn’t on time… don’t blame me! (This time, you can blame me…!)
The good news is, another awesome chapter of Karate for all.

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  1. findy37564 Reply

    thanks for the release
    enjoy your trip and hopefully it doesnt affect new chapter 😀

  2. justanotherfan Reply

    pls continue the hard work.. it’s great!!
    enjoy your trip and i hope you can keep the releases on coming!!

  3. afos Reply

    wow another chapter! Enjoy your trip, don’t worry about the release. I’ll be here when you get back. Great job guys!

  4. esa Reply

    woww.. this chapter super awesome x) It can help it, I really want to see what’s next with minoru fight xD

  5. El Reply

    Haha “kill, kill, kill!!!!” Was the only thing on my mind… i really want blood in this fight wooop. <3 thanks for the chap

  6. Harhar232 Reply

    Good of you to inform this before the next release XD Thanks for the new chapter =D

  7. White-Fox Reply

    Thank you for the chapter and have a safe and pleasant trip. If possible, try to enjoy while you are where ever you will be.

  8. Enjeru-San Reply

    wow another chapter? so Fast man!…good luck out there, i hope u come back…thanks for this chapter, i cant wait!

  9. Sarubama Reply

    guys this is just a question about later on but will yall pick up KSKM monogatari after KSKM is done?
    Love the scans and i appreciate the work you guys do

    sincerely, Sarubama

  10. crazy_horse Reply

    There’s still the matter of the original series, KSKM. We haven’t finished that. We’ve been keeping track of the series for quite a while, but decided the priority right now is finishing KSKM.

    So the answer to your question would be: Maybe, but only once KSKM is done and over with. As to how and when, that we can’t know for sure.

  11. dumptruck Reply

    Just wanted to show some encouragement since I just noticed that KSKM ended at 50 volumes. And here I thought the series was going to end soon, but was very wrong about. I hope that the rest of the readers out there can keep showing enough love for you guys to feel like continuing to the very end, and maybe to its sequel too. Thanks and have a good business trip!

  12. BONZ Reply

    whoawhoa,i think its the quickest release all the time,isnt it?or is it just me? –‘ well thanks anyway,and have a nice trip!

  13. Sofia Reply

    Thank you! Wishing you a good business trip. Business and scanlating, now that’s responsibility!

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