KSKM 231, Montage 9 and Happy Halloween!

Hi all,

on the most creepy and scary night of the year we’re happy to join you all in a mass trick or treating and so as not to be tricked ourselves we’d rather just treat you to some chapters of your favorite manga series (sprinkled with a little Halloween spirit on the credit pages). So this week on KSKM the promotion exam continues and we’ll see how Minoru fares against a god. As for Montage we’ll have to see what Yamato and Miku are going to do to get out of a sticky situation.

Grab the chapter from our Forums or our Irc Channel and have a Happy Halloween!


  1. One Reply

    By the way, the chapter isn’t up on Batoto. Is it an issue with the website?

  2. kyuubi654 Post authorReply

    Weird… i can see the chaps when i’m logged in but i don’t see anything after i log out… Hmm…

  3. crazy_horse Reply

    Hopefully, another chapter of Himizu will come soon. The translator had to take some time off, so he couldn’t provide any translations for a while.

  4. Kaio-ken Reply

    I’m really appreciating the amount of Minoru you guys are kicking out. Great to be able to read it and remember exactly what happened last chapter!

  5. Sofia Reply

    Thank you! Maybe halloween has its perks after all, glad I wasn’t at home this year having to turn the lights off and keep the noise down to avoid all those horrible children ;p

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