KSKM 233, Himizu 36 and Montage 10

Hello there guys and gals,

it’s Thursday so that means it’s release day. And boy do we have releases for you! This week you’ll have the pleasure of enjoying 100% of Minoru’s determination, some really hot moments in Himizu and Yamato’s ingenuity of mimicry in Montage.

On a small side-note i’d like to bring up the subject of staff applications. We appreciate each and every applicant that takes the time to apply for our group, and in times past we didn’t mind taking the time teaching people the ropes of the business either, but as of late (by that i mean since we started doing regular releases) we’ve gotten a handle on things in a weird way: we took the few people that we had and created a small compact yet powerful and exact engine. That means we’re kind of on a schedule and we try to stick to it as much as possible. That being said i’d like to ask future staff applicants to only apply if they’re experienced (let’s say medium experience and up) cause we really can’t afford to appropriate time for staff to be instructed. Thanks.

P.S.: I know the website post isn’t wide-spread enough to let everybody know but i figured the ones who apply also visit our site 🙂

That being said go grab the latest chapter of Karate from our Forums or our Irc Channel


  1. Jackson Reply

    Thanks guys! Great work as always! And, not to rush you at all, are you still planning to finish Rookies?

  2. Space Walrus Reply

    Thank you very much for the new chapter of KSKM. We’re getting near the half point of the manga with 22/50 volumes almost done and I’m excited to see how the story changes from here. Looks like Minoru might get scouted by Mutou’s manager (from the look of things) Wondering how this is gonna change the setting of the story from a college karate club to the fight of becoming the worldwide champion of karate or other martial arts in general. I feel like a fangirl right now with the excitement. Can’t thank you enough for keeping up with the series after you almost cancelled it. I would donate to the scanlation group since I’m incapable of translating or using photoshop that good since I’m in college, but once I get some extra cash I’ll be sure to donate to make sure you guys can keep coming up with steady releases! Your team is amazing!

  3. crazy_horse Reply

    Space Walrus, first of all: great username and second: more than anything right now, we need translators and/or translations so we can keep pushing more chapters out there.

  4. kyuubi654 Post authorReply

    @Space Walrus: We don’t take donations so no need to worry about that. Just spread the word to all your people that we need capable translators to get more stuff out.

    @Jackson: I say to you: “Be patient our reader for the group works in mysterious ways!”.

  5. Elliot Reply

    YES!! Himizu thanks!!. Really good chapter. I find myself rooting for Chazawa and Sumida’s well being.

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