KSKM 238 and Himizu 37

Hi all and welcome to this week’s release.

Let’s get straight to it and show you part two of the hot and heavy scenes from Himizu (we know you all love them). We finally reached volume 23 of KSKM and right from the first chapter we’ll see what could’ve happened to Minoru if Mutou went all out on him. I’m pretty sure when he sees that he’ll be soooo glad it didn’t come down to it ^.^

As usual you can grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. AceHuertas Reply

    HAHAHAHAHA “Ah i’m sorry. Didn’t mean to hit your face” Mutou, that crazy monster, he just killed me in this chapter !
    Thanks a lot guys ! 😀

  2. nanashiiii Reply

    i’m translating something and i’m the only one, it sucks
    i’ve done the other stuff before too, takes forever, it sucks
    but readers,
    these people start at page 2 so they don’t have to read the recruitment page.
    or page 3 so they don’t have to read the credits page either. LOL
    and sometimes,
    credits don’t even go on the stuff y’all did,
    it’s just like, “click click click click this shit should come out faster”
    i guess that doesn’t matter as long as people are happy, but
    “LEECHERS” should be watermarked on every page of every fucking manga

    so this counts as serious legit sincere appreciation i guess, i hope, whatever the fuck that means
    i was so glad himizu had been picked up.
    “we’re gonna finish this shit”
    i could piss rainbows
    yeah so thanks a lot guys.
    enough to write you this fucking essay lol

  3. Noir_lyon Reply

    Thanks for the chapter of Himizu chapter 37, and also the KSKM. You guys are awesome and I greatly appreciate your scans!

  4. punpun Reply

    Thank you so much for this chapter of Himizu! I am happy that someone are bothering to translate this wonderful manga. I look forward to your next release.

    Good work!

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