KSKM 239 and Montage 13

Hey all,
This release is on time this week! Hurrah! Usually I’m late or forgot… and leave it up to my colleagues to clean up my mess while I’m at work. However! I remembered this week.

So grab the latest chapters of Karate and Montage off our Forums or our Irc Channel


  1. askylineview Reply

    Yay! My favorite weekly release from my favorite manga team. Haha. Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

  2. Mr2tony Reply

    Thanks for the quick scan! This chapter definitely was a good turkey stuffer.

  3. someone2040 Post authorReply

    Hi Jason,
    My understanding is that they mis-wrote the kanji for Kohinata’s name. If you look on page 37 Nana has sown on an additional bit to the kanji to make it Kohinata. So I’m guessing the original says ‘Komukai’ instead.

  4. crazy_horse Reply

    Yes, and in a previous chapter, in a tournament, they misspelled his name again. The translator, cmertb, thought it was pretty obvious, so he didn’t add a note. Therefore, I, as the typesetter, didn’t think it was necessary, neither someone2040 as the QCer.

  5. cmertb Reply

    Kohinata is spelled 小日向. By skipping the middle kanji 日 you get 小向, which is read Komukai. This is what they did on Minoru’s black belt. And then Nana sewed a tiny 日 on to make it Kohinata again.

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