KSKM 241 and Montage 14

Hi all,
Special news today! It would seem that Montage is getting a Drama made for it. This was announced in the latest Young Magazine and will be made by TV Fuji. You can see the announcement Here for those that are interested (and can read Japanese >.>).

Also, of course, we’ve got new manga for you! A new chapter of Karate and (of course) Montage!

Grab the chapters from our Forums or our Irc Channel.


  1. kyuubi654 Reply

    Comments got messed up by the Jetpack plugin -.- Tell all your buds that tried to leave us a message to maybe retry.. We really need your presence cause cmertb is freaking out with the URL removal from MangaUpdates.

  2. lolman Reply

    Thank you for the chapter!!

    The link removal sux! Man, why the hell did they do that? :/

  3. kyuubi654 Reply

    Well it was either shut everything down or make some concessions and remove the thing that the DMCA was pointed towards. At that point i’d agree that the huge manga database and tracking of releases gets priority.

  4. cmertb Reply

    As it turns out, they got a takedown request for specific links for groups that scanlate manga licensed in English. Nevertheless, they went overboard and took down every single group. So groups like us, who don’t do any licensed titles, got penalized due to scumbags that scanlate licensed manga and MU staff’s hysterical overreaction.

  5. lolman Reply

    Thank you for the info, kyuubi654 & cmertb. It’s a little hard for me because I always used the urls from MU. Now google+nameofteam u_u’

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