KSKM 248 and Happy New Year

Hi all,
Happy New Year to all. This release is a bit late (Was meant to be on NYE/NYD) but got delayed as people were out, and fixes needed to be made to the chapter. But the chapter is here now, so enjoy it!

A year in recap, well, where do I begin.
I guess to start off with the lows, our first release of the new year had our one and only chapter of Hanagata. Unfortunately we have not managed to find a translator for this manga, so it has remained a single release all year round. Similar issues lie with Capeta, it’s hard to find translators these days who want to put in the work on a manga. For any potentials out there, Capeta and Hanagata are both complete in Japan! So if you feel like jumping in, these mangas ARE long but they’re not going to go on forever. Also a bit slower but still going alright is Peace Maker. We only released 6 chapters of it this year, and something I hope to change in 2014 as it’s one of my favourite westerns around.

Enough with the bad, in with the good. We picked up 2 new mangas this year that our staff love. First off was Himizu which we’ve released a total of 16 chapters for this year. It’s nearing completion as well, so big props to the guys working on that. We also picked up Montage. I haven’t been following Montage as much, but we’ve released 17 chapters in total and it’s still going strong.
In addition to picking up 2 mangas, we also managed to complete two mangas! We finished Shibatora earlier on in the year, which is our first and only manga to date that we’ve finished from start to finish. This previous Christmas release as well finally the manga that the group started on was completed, Rookies! There’s still one more one-shot to go with it, but in terms of the volumes it’s done.
And last but not least, we’ve released an outstanding amount of Karate chapters this year. In total 65, which is more than once a week. That’s not too shabby considering a lot of our staff work on multiple projects, and hell, even 1 a week is good itself. Here’s hoping to another good year of Karate ahead of us (We’re almost at the half way point as well).


Karate 248 : DDL Read Online
Karate v23 : DDL


  1. darckchild Reply

    Thanks again and a happy new year to you all! And I know the matching “girl” for Hamada 🙂

  2. xanon Reply

    Thanks for all your hard work throughout the year! I hope that 2014 brings the best for everyone at Deadbeat Scans!

  3. Sofia Reply

    Thank you for all your hard work over the last year! Happy new year to you all.

    So pleased for the huge number of chapters released of KSKM, thank you so much!

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