KSKM 251

Come one, come all for yet another release of KSKM.

Let me start off by (sadly) saying that our Facebook page has gone off the reservation. Well… more like Facebook claimed that there was an unauthorized access on our account and they locked it for security reasons (unauthorized my hiney, it was me from the same computer i created the darn account from). As a result of their stupid unlocking procedure we need to submit a real ID in order to unlock it. Sadly Mutou Ryuuji does not have any type of ID (not that we can’t fabricate one, but i doubt they’ll acknowledge it’s validity) and even if i had gone with a real account i doubt i’d wanna send them a copy of my ID. Suck it FB. Considering that the page name and e-mail are already taken i doubt we’ll be making any further effort to re-enable that “feature”. To those that saw this as a positive thing i beg your forgiveness.

Now on to the usual and more interesting stuff, KSKM. The upcoming KOS events are in the spotlight and you’ll finally find out why this series is called KSKM. Interesting right? ^^ Let us know what you thought of the surprising revelation in this chapter by commenting on this release post.

Grab our releases using the links below, or check us out on Irc

KSKM 251 – Martial Arts Catch Phrase: DDL Read Online

P.S: Batoto link might take a while until it’s active seeing how i don’t have contributor status yet (been waiting for the past 5 days now -.-).


  1. bububu Reply

    Thanks for karate!
    I’m really looking forward to reading this arc in on go! 😀

  2. Mat Reply

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Also I remember facebook doing the same thing to loads of accounts a few months ago. They failed and had to re-open accounts then and they will fail again.

    • kyuubi654 Post authorReply

      Yeah, don’t care anymore. I don’t see the point of phone number validation if they don’t friggin use it in cases like this, cause i did give them a phone number. It’s pretty clear that they’re mining for data like some little trolls from their subterranean HQ at the North Pole.

  3. RjR Reply

    thanks for kskm! dont sweat that fb non sense. we will continue to visit this page!

  4. Enjeru-San Reply

    Well,don worry about facebook, Instead feel good about all you ppl have reached. Also, Thanks for KSKM!

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