KSKM 252, Montage 21 and Himizu 41 -F.Countdown 2

Hey all,

we were getting kind of “bored” with RL and thought we’d share some of the pain by making you wait for the next KSKM chapter. So how’s it feel? Had enough yet?

Anyways, this week’s KSKM chapter is Kohinata’s last training day before the big fight against Skandalaki. And speaking of the Skandalaki – Kohinata fight, everybody who visits our site will notice a poll in the sidebar regarding the outcome of this match. Let’s see what you guys think will happen.

And please (pretty pretty please) refrain from posting any spoilers, that just takes the whole fun out of reading or working on it (i spoil too much anyway by cleaning the chapters for your enjoyment).

Montage continues where it left off last week with some added twists and turns of events that keep the ball rolling on this cat-and-mouse game. What will they do next?

As for Himizu, now it’s one chapter closer to the end. And what do you know… THERE’S A GUY WITH A KNIFE ON THE BUS!!! RUN B**CH, RUUUUN! That’s why they have those small hammers, so you can break the glass and escape as fast as possible.

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KSKM 252 – Admonishment Right Before the Fight : DDL Read Online
Montage 21 – Contact : DDL Read Online
Himizu 41 – It Came Out : DDL Read Online


    • kyuubi654 Post authorReply

      pretty much. unless he gets a cat or is into the nyan cat song

  1. Montage rocks! Reply

    Thanks for KSKM guys, and even more for Montage! (it starts great!)
    Keep up the good work.

    • kyuubi654 Post authorReply

      You’re welcome. Glad you enjoy Montage so much. And if you know other people you think might enjoy it just recommend it. Montage needs some hype now at the beginning ^^

  2. Anon Reply

    Thanks for the release guys! Can’t wait till they start the fight. I’m really interested to see how far Konihata has gotten with his training.

  3. Sofia Reply

    Arigatou gozaimashita! (and that’s the limit of my understanding, thank you for your translations ;_;)

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