KSKM 253 and Peace Maker 43

Hey all,
Got some new Karate and Peace Maker for all tonight. We enter two big fights in two big mangas! Kohinata is soon to debut in his first K.O.S fight and Beat Gabriel is taking on the Gun God Cole Emerson! Set to be some interesting showdowns going on.

Grab the chapters from our usual places (Irc and Links below)

KSKM 253 : DDL Read Online
Peace Maker 43 : DDL Read Online


  1. homunculus Reply

    Thanks for the chapter!
    and also you wrote KSKM 243 in the titel but its 253 …

    • kyuubi654 Reply

      Well David, Peace Maker only has one author and artist and that’s Minagawa Ryoji, so not sure what to tell you there. Did you notice a change in the actual art or was it rather a change in the shading of the gray patterns? If it’s not the art and the thing you noticed is actually the gray patterns that’s because of my cleaning style (leveled the pages as best possible while still retaining details in the patterns). Let me know 🙂

  2. David Reply

    Hey guys, just a note – the chapter was erroneously released as 243 instead of 253 on Batoto as well as on this site.

    • kyuubi654 Reply

      Issue fixed on our website and i see that Batoto also has it the right way around now.

  3. Tilo Reply

    Just a question. How on earth does Giannis Skandalakis is french? Clearly his name and pro name are Greek from Crete! Don’t want to spoil or anything but I am very curious!

    • kyuubi654 Reply

      Well it shouldn’t be that hard to explain. It’s not like he’s the first foreigner to emigrate to someplace else. It doesn’t even have to be him that emigrated, he could be a second generation there. Take Wladimir Klitschko for example born in the Ukraine, was military attache of Ukraine in Germany and out of all his 61 fights 45 were held in Germany and not a single one in the Ukraine. Same goes for Lucian Bute, Romanian and Canadian nationality but based in Canada. While these are only examples where they retain their nationality in some way i’m sure there are plenty of cases where the person is a second generation in another country. Also, didn’t know you could pinpoint the location just by his (Gianni’s) name. Greek names can’t be that area specific, can they?

  4. evade101 Reply

    Thanks for another release of KSKM!!!
    I don’t thank you dudes enough but I read every release, so don’t drop KSKM EVER!!!

  5. Maximus Reply

    Thanks a lot for KSKM! Nice chapter!

    Sorry for being picky, but the URL still says kskm-243 :P. Not sure if you could actually change it!

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