KSKM 255

Hey guys,
Solo Karate release today. Finally ready on a Monday without any delays.
For those interested in checking out Kohinata’s entry song, you can check it out Here.

Anyway, grab the release from our usual spots.

KSKM 255: DDL Read Online


  1. nckeo Reply

    Cute song…why da hell this series yet to get anime while other series get greenlighted so fast…

  2. Qate Reply

    I wish Montage would get twice a week releases like Karate, to have hope of catching up… Thanks for your hard work

  3. qtmonster Reply

    Thanks. Looking forward to seeing the fight between Kohinata and Skandalaki.

  4. homunculus Reply

    Thanks a lot guys!

    Haha hamada is just priceless xD
    but the song sounded better in my imagination 😀

  5. Loïs Reply

    Just wanted to say thank you for the fast update and the very funny chapter. It was really interesting, as always.

  6. Al len Reply

    Thank you guys. This manga is an awesome gem. Found it 2 weeks ago and been trying to catch all the chapters.

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