KSKM 256

Hey guys,

Sorry about the delay on Karate. It’s been a busy time for some of us, but that’s life hey? So we’ve got the start to Minoru’s first match in the K.O.S.
Go grab it now, as it’s going to be a good one!

Karate 256: DDL Read Online


  1. homunculus Reply

    life..huh…it can be quite…bothersome
    anyway thanks as always guys! Awesome opening of the fight

  2. qtmonster Reply

    No worries, thanks for releasing it.
    And the initial fight was exciting! But I suspect Skandalaki has more moves up his sleeve.

  3. kundumstaf Reply

    That latest chapter was just EPIC!
    Thanks guys for the release. Can’t wait till next monday ~o~

  4. Harhar232 Reply

    No worries XD The Translations are always Much Appreciated! If you don’t do em, no one will! Keep it up XDDD

  5. AceHuertas Reply

    Thanks for the release ! Refreshing chapter thanks to you 🙂

  6. El Reply

    Thanks guys<3 this was a froggin' awesome chapter. I felt some bloodlust myself 🙂

  7. moroc Reply

    Haha, thanks for the nice release!

    Am I the only one rooting for Skandalaki here? He isn’t exactly likable, but his attitude seems way healthier than Minoru’s obsession… (Not to mention ridiculous physical feats and physique – FFS, on the second page it seems as if he has tumors on his shoulders!)

  8. moroc Reply

    …then again the above post might have to do with the fact that my belly looks a lot more like that Greek guy’s…

  9. Enjeru-San Reply

    Thanks for the upload, im finally able to see it, Amazing! I just cant wait to see the other chapter

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