KSKM 258

Hey all,
Pretty exhausted from a full on weekend, so not much to say.
Come grab the latest chapter of Karate. Minoru’s debut fight in the K.O.S continues, and takes a difficult turn?

Karate 258: DDL Read Online


  1. moroc Reply

    Thanks! At last, Skandalaki woke up… (yes, still rooting for him!) 😀

  2. El Reply

    Thanks a lot!! This one was released pretty fast. Three chapters within 7 days is always welcome in my book 🙂 any chance future releases will come at a similar pace or was this just a rare occasion? Love you guys <3

    • cmertb Reply

      We were making up for one missed week. Can’t really maintain this pace with present staff. Next chapter will be on Monday.

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