KSKM 259

Hi All,
This fight is getting good! Who will win? Minoru or Skandalaki? You’ll have to wait until next volume, as this one ends on a cliffhanger!

Karate 259: DDL Read Online
Karate v24 : DDL


  1. nckeo Reply

    Oh boy, Minoru is in pinch! Honestly there class (heavier glove just offset punch power but elbow and knee plus kick still the same!) and experience differences against Minoru.

  2. AceHuertas Reply

    Damn that Skandalaki is starting to get on my nerves ! Thanks for the chapter 😀

  3. GerryStanding Reply

    That cheap bastard! Take out the elbows Minoru!

    Great job guys!

  4. moroc Reply

    Thanks for the release!

    Go go French (actually Greek?) guy!

    (Not bothering to cut weight is quite asshole-ish, but still I think his attitude is WAY better than Minoru’s… plus, realistically speaking, Minoru shouldn’t have a single chance against him – fighting is not acrobatics)

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