KSKM 260 and Montage 27

Hey guys,
Releasing Montage today for you guys since it’s a fair bit late. Sure the guys working on it have their reasons, scanslating of course is a job we as fans do for fans. So if you want to help out and get more releases done, rememeber you can apply for positions on our staff. Mainly though we need some good translators.

Also of course, more Karate! The skandalaki fight continues!

Karate 260: DDL Read Online
Montage 27 : DDL Read Online


  1. lolman Reply

    Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari (KSKM sequel) will end in Young Magazine #20 (04/14). 🙂

    • crazy_horse Reply

      Hmm, that was rather quick, wasn’t it? What, 61 chapters?
      The author sure changed his characters’ styles, man. The girls are so very different. Some of the guys, too.

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