KSKM 261 and Montage 28

Hi all,
Today we’re releasing the last chapter of volume 3 for Montage. Go grab it now for all you Montage fans, we’ve also got the volume bundle available for direct download.
As always, another new chapter of Karate as well. Only a few more chapters left in the fight, who’s going to come out victorious?

Karate 261: DDL Read Online
Montage 28 : DDL Read Online
Montage v3 : DDL


  1. XL Reply

    Another filler chapter *yawn* Talk about force hype :S
    Thanks for the new KSKM :>

  2. lolman Reply

    More info about Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari end:

    Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari ends due to low sales. The 6th (final volume) volume will be released in June. Wow, low sales…the same problem of Buyuden (it ended this year due to low sales). Crazy_Horse mentioned the author changed his characters’ styles. Maybe this had an impact on the final result.

  3. moroc Reply

    Thanks for KSKM and (especially!) for Montage… keep up the good work 😀

    PS. Go go Skandalaki!

  4. Gravy Reply

    Montage is now one of my favourite manga, thanks for the update!!

  5. kael_05 Reply

    thank you for the chapter i hope its have more chapter but if not thank you cause Karate Shoukoushi Monogatari have a really great story thank you for your hard work!!! 🙂

  6. g_g Reply

    Thanks for Montage!
    Till now I had no idea who were these guys in the flashback chapters… so looking back at volume 1, I see Yuudai must be Yamato’s father Narumi Tetsuya? . But this doesn’t make sense cause it’s 1968 so Yuudai’s son can’t be Yamato who’s 16 in 2010, and Narumi Tetsuya doesn’t look at all like Yuudai.. . Then Yamato have an older brother who’s 42 years old? And is Tetsuya his real father? In fact, I think I figured who’s the Narumi Tetsuya/ father who was found dead in the first chapter in 2004! And, do we know someone who’s 42 years old?
    Can’t wait for more!

  7. AceHuertas Reply

    Kohinata ! what hell are you doing ?!
    Thanks a lot guys for KSKM ^^

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