KSKM 262

Hey all,

we’re a bit late yet again it seems, but you all know how life is so i shouldn’t have to tell you that. On to what you’re really here for. Last week Skandalaki really put Minoru in a tight spot with that Mae Geri knockdown and right at the end a SA YO NA~~~~~ RA elbow to the face. Minoru better step it up a notch if he really wants to win this and Hamada better keep his hands off of that towel. Now go enjoy the chapter!

KSKM 262 – To the Limit of Your Strength: DDL Read Online


  1. moroc Reply

    Thanks for the release!

    Man, it surely looks like Minoru will win thanks to plot armor…. 🙁
    Hang on Skandalaki!

  2. talv Reply

    thanks so much for the release I am loving this series and all the work you do on it

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