KSKM 264

Hey all,
So we’re almost at the conclusion of the fight. Next release, we’ll find out how right you guys are on the poll! Will Minoru triumph? or will Skandalaki shut him down and prevent his debut win! This chapter will have to tide you over until the finale.

KSKM 264: DDL Read Online


  1. Anuj Reply

    nice ending
    i heard it is going to end and last volume will be out in july or something is it true?

    • kyuubi654 Reply

      KSKM has ended a long time ago. It has 50 volumes or 500 chapters, whichever you want to know. The series you’re talking about is probably KSM, the sequel to KSKM, and yes that one is ending due to low popularity. It only spans like 6 volumes or so.

  2. Enjeru-San Reply

    Thanks for KSKM! amazing how minoru counters that strike!

  3. kl1n34 Reply

    Not a big deal, but it says “A skewering right body blow!!” when Skandalaki actually throws a left. I don’t know if it’s a mistranslation or if the author made the mistake. Anyways, thank you for the chapter.

    • cmertb Reply

      Yes, it should have been “left”. Can you find more issues in the chapter to justify a v2?

      • kl1n34 Reply

        I cannot, the rest of the chapter looks great to me. Thanks again.

  4. Sofia Reply

    No way! (or should I say dou-maway? No, I probably shouldn’t)

    Thank you!

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