KSKM 266, Montage 30 and a new series

How’s it going, readers and followers? Today we have Montage, where we’re back to present day, but danger lurks around for a certain someone. In Karate the fight has ended, and seems like Mutou is going to be up next!

We also have a new Furuya Minoru series for you, one with a weird name. This is a rare case where we have the people in place to start a new series, so will not be a common occurance from us. This series will be released as volumes as it suits the members involved. Big thanks to laika, who offered to translate this for us. Wanitokagekisu is the Japanese name for Stomiiformes, an order of deep-sea ray-finned fish of very diverse morphology. To find out more about these fish, follow this link, please.Β Β  For more information about the series, read the credits page of the volume.

KSKM 266: DDL Read Online
Montage 30: DDL Read Online
Wanitokagegisu v1: DDL Read Online


  1. bbpp Reply

    I….. should probably finish Himizu first, and I can’t even remember having finished Boku to Issho?
    But more Furuya is a good thing, best thing even.

  2. qtmonster Reply

    Always looking forward to the next KSKM release. Thanks, guys!

  3. bububu Reply

    Thanks for the new Furuya! (and also for karate and montage… )

  4. Jordan Reply

    Thanks very much for uploading this. For me it really touches close to home, and I am very appreciative of this volume. Thanks Deadbeat-scans and I hope you will be able to continue releasing Wanitokagegisu.

  5. Sofia Reply

    Thanks everyone for KSKM as per usual, and thanks for more Furuya Minoru! Definitely enjoying Wanitokagegisu thus far.

  6. anom Reply

    Absolutely loved Wanitokagegisu v1, I didn’t know what to expect at first but I hope this series will be fully scanlated one day. Thanks!

  7. Nethandle Reply

    Thanks guys, you rule for picking up Wanitokagekisu (and finishing Himizu and all your other awesome series you do).

    I feel sorry for whoever has to redraw this though, I remember looking through the raws and being floored by the amount of pictext.

    • crazy_horse Post authorReply

      Yes, some of the redraws were hard, but not as hard as they seemed at first glance. Though this may only apply to the first 2 volumes, since volume 3 and 4 are preposterous, those will be hell to deal with if we ever get there.

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